Mahain is a fine jewellery store filled with the most outstanding and extravagant collections, unfound in any jewelry store in Qatar. The pairing between imagination and savoir-faire reflect the exceptional skills of the artisans and pay tribute to the world of arts withten different brands.

The stores design is inspired by nature, namely flower petals, a universal symbol of femininity that represents the language of flowers, prevalent in different cultures and time periods in history. This unique showroom hosts design jewelry handcrafted with passion, love and creativity; using the best stones and setting methods, giving place to a colorful, iconic and exotic collection presented originally in ancient-style sculptures.

Mahain has identified the most beautiful designers for its glamorous space and dares to recreate a museum of art to showcase the pieces elegant sculptures with delicate colors, to highlight their beauty. The store hosts a variety of products; from gifts to bridal necklaces and big unique pieces within a very wide range of prices. Additionally, one of the counters hosts collectors’ vintage pieces for men and women. The fancy, charming display brings clarity to the shimmering timeless pieces exposed by each brand.

Let us lead you to a world full of diamonds and precious stones, a place where you may dream; where you may find a piece of your own soul.

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